About Richmond GP Out of Hours Service

Richmond GP Out of Hours Service is operated by East Berkshire Primary Care Out of Hours Services (EBPCOOH), a non-profit Community Benefit Society who have been providing success-ful services to the NHS in East Berkshire for over 17 years. EBPCOOH are working in partnership with the League of Friends of Teddington Memorial Hospital to provide this quality, enhanced service to our GP Commissioners and registered patients of Richmond GP Surgeries. Richmond GP Out Of Hours Service operates between 6.30pm and 8.00am every weekday evening and on weekends from 6.30pm on Friday until 8.00am the following Monday. It also operates on bank holidays and occasionally at others times so your doctor’s surgery can take part in vital training.

To contact the Out of Hours Service when your surgery is closed, click here.

Please note the Richmond Out of Hours Service only covers patients registered with a Doctors surgery within the borough of Richmond.

What do I do if I need medical advice and my surgery is closed?

If you or a family member has a medical condition that needs attention, which you feel cannot wait until your surgery is open and you are registered at a Richmond GP Surgery, please click here.

What happens next?

You will be asked the following questions:

  • Patient’s name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Contact number
  • The name of the patient’s GP
  • Brief details of the medical condition

You will be contacted by a doctor working for Richmond GP Out of Hours Service, who will discuss the condition with you and determine whether or not you need to be seen, or what ad-vice you need to follow.

Advice from the Doctor

In many cases, you may find the advice the doctor can offer will enable you to look after yourself or another family member at home. If necessary, they will make an appointment for you to attend the primary care centre at Teddington Memorial Hospital. The doctor can, if appropriate, arrange for a home visit to be made. Occasionally, they may refer you to the local Accident and Emergency department, or for an emergency ambulance to come to your home. Your own family doctor will be informed the following working day that you have been advised or seen by the Richmond GP Out Of Hours doctor.

Going to Our Primary Care Centre

Our Primary Care Centre is at Teddington Memorial Hospital in the heart of Richmond. You will find a map by clicking here.

Please Note: Our primary care centre is not a walk-in centre – you must have made arrangements to be seen at the primary care centre before attending.

The doctor will give you directions if you need them. The centre has consulting rooms and is equipped in a similar way to your own doctor’s surgery. Richmond Out of Hours may be able to offer you a timed appointment. If this would be more convenient, or if transport difficulties meant you could only attend at a certain time, please explain this to the doctor. Patients are seen in order of arrival unless their medical condition is urgent.

At present the NHS cannot take patients from home to the primary care centre or reimburse the cost of attending. Most people without a car of their own rely on family members, friends, neighbours or taxis to get to the centre.

Richmond GP Out of Hours doctors aim to ensure that vulnerable; often seriously ill patients are visited promptly. This is most likely to be possible if those who are able to agree to travel to go to the primary care centre to see a doctor.

Other Sources of Help

Your GP and Richmond GP Out of Hours Service are not the only sources of help. You can also get medical advice from NHS 111, the NHS walk in centre, your local pharmacist or at www.nhs.uk. In a life threatening emergency please ring 999 and ask for the ambulance service.