loflogThe League was formed in 1954 as a joint league with two other hospitals. In 1981 it became a separate League of Friends of Teddington Memorial Hospital (as an unincorporated charity) and has worked continuously since then to improve facilities and equipment at this much valued community Hospital.

In 2009 the Trustees decided to review the League’s 27 year old governing document (constitution) with a view to updating in order to strengthen The League’s position as it moved through the ongoing NHS changes, to provide the necessary protection for the future, and to widen its scope of activities.

On the 30th September 2009 at an extraordinary general meeting of its members (EGM), the League of Friends became an incorporated organisation (a company limited by guarantee) registered at Companies House Number 6956457 and registered with the Charity Commission as The League of Friends of Teddington Memorial Hospital with the registered charity number 1130645. The previous League with registration number 283599 will not be closed in order that donations and bequests that have been left to the League bearing that number can be dealt with and transferred to the new body.


The main aims of the League are to assist in improving healthcare for public benefit by educating the public in the needs of patients of Teddington Memorial Hospital (‘the Hospital’), the provision of amenities, buildings and equipment which may be required for the treatment of such patients and to generally support the charitable work of the said Hospital.

The League continues to build on its profile and reputation, encouraging people to continue with its financial support so that it can undertake further improvements. It is a strong vibrant organisation that encourages membership, support and donations.

The League raises funds and uses donations to improve facilities and equipment for the benefit of the patients.  Its Constitution ensures that the money received and raised is used solely to benefit the Hospital.  The League publishes an  annual report and Audited Accounts at each calendar year-end in accordance with the Charity Commissioner’s requirement.

You can find the League of Friends at http://www.friends-tmh.org.uk/