Richmond GP Out of Hours Service

When Should I Call An Ambulance?

Our ambulance services are stretched. We rely on them to help people with serious or life-threatening conditions and a range of other urgent healthcare and patient transport services. Richmond’s ambulances are already working at full capacity though, so it’s important that they are only called out when absolutely necessary. Emergency 999 calls are prioritised into

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7 Tips For A Healthy Heart

February is Healthy Heart Month and as part of our pledge to support the work of the British Heart Foundation, we wanted to provide you with 7 tips for a healthy heart and some helpful pointers on what you can do to keep your ticker tick tocking for longer!   1. Exercise It is really

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When to use NHS 111

The NHS 111 number is still a relatively new concept for many and there is still some uncertainty around when it should be used and in what medical situation. We hope this brief guide will clarify the process for you and your family so you can make best use of the service in the future.

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