Smartphone apps are incredible. From helping us to socialise and facilitate a number of everyday tasks such as shopping, booking hotels and accommodation and even managing what we eat. There are also many useful apps for our health, including some for pregnancy. These apps can help benefit your pregnancy, by providing guidance on coping with a new baby and becoming a parent. With a number of apps recommended by the NHS, you can have a range of handy pregnancy tools at your fingertips. Here are our top picks:


Best pregnancy apps

1. Sprout Pregnancy (for iTunes and Google Play)

A great app for keeping you informed about the changes in your baby’s development as well as your body’s throughout the pregnancy. Offering daily and weekly updates, it’s an informative app that can help you keep track of your pregnancy, as well as featuring a contraction timer for when labour kicks in.

2. Pregnancy Weekly Workout (for iTunes)

If you’re unsure of how to exercise during pregnancy, what’s recommended and what isn’t then this app is perfect for you. With some fantastic weekly workout suggestions, you can stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy with this handy app ready on your phone or tablet.

3. Baby Names (for iTunes and Google Play)

Stuck trying to decide on your perfect baby name? This easy to use app could help. Featuring a database of thousands of names, it can help you narrow them down by initial, by most popular dating back over 2000 years as well as a number of other filters. Pick your favourites and share with your partner to ease some of the stress of finding the right baby name.


Best new baby and parent apps

4. NCT Babychange (for iTunes and Google Play)

It can be difficult to find baby changing facilities, especially if you’ve never needed them before! New parents can benefit from this useful app which gives details of the nearest facilities, as well as reviews and ratings. Leave your own suggestions and reviews for others to share, helping to develop the app and cover as many locations as possible in the UK.

5. Lifecake (for iTunes and Google Play)

It’s even easier to capture those special moments in your baby’s development. From first smile to first steps, this great app helps pull together images, videos and more from a number of different sources to create a wonderful timeline you’ll cherish forever.

6. Baby Connect (for iTunes and Google Play)

New parents need all the help they can get, and the Baby Connect app helps to monitor feeds as well as information about vaccinations, medication and so on. If you have childcare, your carer can also use the app to share information in real time and help you all stay connected about your baby’s care.

Pregnancy apps are a great source of information to offer you help and support during your pregnancy and beyond, but it’s important that you get accurate and essential support from your GP as well. For a detailed online resource, NHS Choices covers everything related to pregnancy to help you have a happy and healthy experience. If you have any concerns or need more information about pregnancy or a new baby, make sure to book an appointment with your GP and see our out of hours team if you need an urgent appointment during the evening or over the weekend.