We can all suffer from a lack of motivation from time to time, but if it’s stopping us from reaching our goals, from performing at work or making an effort with our friends and family – it can start to prove a problem. Being motivated to achieve our health goals is one of the most common issues, but it’s important that we keep it up, both for self-care and for a brighter future. There are some good tips for boosting your health and wellbeing motivation which can help you stay on track to reach or maintain your targets, whatever they may be.


1. Revisit your goals regularly

Motivation isn’t something that just happens, it’s a process and is one that needs to be maintained. If you find that you struggle to keep your focus, make sure you revisit your goals or purpose regularly to help you remember what made you set them in the first place. Consider what has made you go off track and what can be done to rectify it. Remember that goals can also change and develop over time, so set yourself some new ones regularly to keep you on track and to keep things fresh and exciting. If you have a set amount of weight you want to lose in mind, break it down into manageable chunks. The feeling you get as you complete each mini-goal on the way will ensure you stay motivated


2. Use technology

So many of us are dependent on our mobile phones or gadgets now to help us with simple tasks, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There are plenty of great apps and devices you can buy to help you with your fitness goals including sports watchers, pedometers and fitness apps which not only help you to track your goals, but set them too. Having something by your side which tells you what you need to do and when can provide you with that touch of motivation you might be lacking and help you stay on track.


3. Make small changes to your habits

Odds are once you get home from work or school, you head straight for a chair or the sofa, and it’s unlikely that you’ll get up again to do something active. If however, you went straight to put your workout clothes on or got started with dinner straight away, you’ll probably find that you’ll make healthier choices, ensuring that you go for that run or you take time to cook a meal from scratch rather than relying on processed foods.


4. Reward yourself

Sometimes we all need to bribe ourselves a bit to make sure we complete a task, and it’s great for boosting your motivation. Putting £1 in a jar every time you exercise to buy yourself some new clothes or allowing yourself a treat after a week of healthy eating will help you to carry on, and push you to work harder to achieve those rewards.


5. Get some support

Sometimes motivating ourselves isn’t enough, we need people to tell help us out and offer that motivation. Speak to someone who you know is positive and can help you stay on track, and talk to them about the barriers you’re facing. Not only will they be able to provide you with useful advice, but they could provide you with solutions too. Enlisting someone to embark on your journey with you is another way to benefit from the support of others, and you can offer that person motivation in return when it’s their turn to feel lost or uninspired.


6. Surround yourself with success stories

Some of us feel a lack of motivation because we can’t visualise the end result, but seeing other people’s journeys and successes can help us to realise that success is possible. The internet makes this much more possible, as we’re able to see and read about people who have been in our shoes and have gone onto achieving their goals. Join a forum where support is on offer or follow people’s fitness journeys on Instagram. Seeing others succeed will help you feel motivated to carry on, and as you’re looking at real people who have had real struggles like you, you’ll know that success is possible.

The key to staying motivated is to find new and different ways of keeping on track. Changing your routine and self-evaluation are easy ways to keep you on track and help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals. For more useful advice on weight loss motivation, visit the NHS Choices website which has a number of good motivation tips.