With the summer holidays now well underway, many parents across Richmond will be busy thinking up ways of keeping their kids entertained for the rest of the holiday period. Lots of parents know how important it is to keep their kids away from prolonged spells in front the TV and computer, but we know this can often be easier said than done!


In order to help you out, we’ve come up with a few ways to keep the kids active this summer by getting them up and about so they can enjoy a healthier holiday period.


  1. Make The Most of Fine Weather


When the sun shines, it’s the ideal time to get outside and make the most of the great outdoors. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, your kids can spend hours outside getting creative and letting the imaginations run riot. A few ideas include putting tents up or making dens that they can then run around and have hours of fun with. Dens and tents are ideal for making up games and turning them into pirate ships, banks, wigwams and more!


  1. Plan Active Days Out


No summer holiday would be complete without the odd day out here and there. Wherever you can, try and make this as energetic as possible by opting for days out where your little ones are likely to be in open spaces, with freedom to roam and explore. Some suggestions include a day out at the beach, where they can enjoy rock pooling, building sandcastles and games of beach football and cricket. A picnic at the park or by the Thames, woodland walks, forestry cycle trails, swimming at the lido and a day out at a theme park including Chessington World of Adventures will keep them on their feet most of the day.


  1. Go camping


Camping with children can be incredibly hard work, but it can also be immensely rewarding seeing them explore new places, learn new skills and take enjoyment in being in the great outdoors. Their health will also benefit from all the fresh air!



  1. Summer Camps & Holiday Clubs


There are many sports and recreational holiday clubs around locally this summer. What’s more, many of them are free. Have a look at what’s available in the leisure centres around Richmond. The FA skills is also hosting free football coaching lessons and Tennis For Free provides free tennis coaching for those who have been inspired by this years Wimbledon. Lords Cricket Ground also has a number of different cricket courses available for a wide age range, but are slightly more expensive.



  1. Invite Friends Round


If you are having difficulty entertaining your child, want to get them away from technology for a few hours, or if they are falling out with their siblings, try inviting friends round for some different social stimulation. The break away from the norm will encourage them to take part in some different interaction, which is good for their social skills, independence and mental wellbeing.


  1. Get Creative


If you have time, creating fun activities for your children to take part in can be a lot of fun. Suggestions for active creative ideas include treasure hunts around the house or in the garden, music and movement, dressing up and acting out your children’s favourite stories and plays.


  1. New activities


The summer holidays can be an ideal time to introduce your children to new activities. Our suggestions include horse riding, paddling on the River Thames and fishing. If the weather’s not so good Skiplex indoor ski centre can provide a good day out. Introducing your children to new activities at a young age helps cultivate an interest that they are more likely to keep up as they get older.


For more help and information on how to keep your kids active, visit NHS Choices.