We are well into the new year, but it’s never too late to make changes to your lifestyle by becoming more fit and healthy. The fantastic news is that there is absolutely nothing to stop you achieving your fitness goals with the array of activities available. In the Richmond area, there is a huge range of sports and activities to participate in, ranging from badminton to boxing, and from sailing to squash. This is great, because people are unique and have different attitudes and interests when it comes to exercise.

With so many sports and activities to choose from, you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed and confused. This article aims to help you decide what type of activity may be the right one for you.


Competitive Team Sports

This category itself encompasses a staggering amount of choices. There’s football, rugby, hockey, basketball, baseball… and the list goes on. Competitive team sports are beneficial in a number of ways. Besides the fact that playing for a team helps you to stay in shape, there is an opportunity to become a valued team-player, which boosts confidence and leads to new and exciting friendships with people who share a common passion.

The competitive aspect is also crucial. Everybody wants to be the best, so if you think you’d be good at a particular sport, why not sign up to a club and prove yourself right?


Pub Sports

These include sports such as pool, snooker and darts which are played on a professional level, but are more commonly played on an amateur level in a pub or a bar. Although these sports don’t immediately scream “health and fitness”, they are a lot of fun to play and take quite a bit of skill to master. Other benefits include stress relief, improvement of hand-to-eye coordination and the enforcement of strategic thinking.


Yoga And Pilates

Yoga and pilates are both used to develop strength, balance, flexibility, posture and good breathing technique. The connection between one’s mental and physical health is at the core of both disciplines, but yoga places a greater emphasis on relaxation and uses meditation to achieve this goal. The physical postures used in both yoga and pilates are used to alleviate health problems, reduce stress and make the spine supple. It is also claimed that they can be good training for children and adolescents, both as a form of physical education and for breathing, focus, mindfulness and stress relief.



Golf is a game of leisure, and is one of the most popular sports in the world. Although it is not as beneficial to your fitness regime as an intense game of football or a heavy gym session, there are still many benefits to take advantage of by playing the ‘gentleman’s game’.

The exposure to nature that you get from a round of golf is beneficial to both the body and mind. Exposure to sunlight increases the body’s consumption of vitamin D, which helps bone growth in children and reduces the risk of depression, heart disease and cancer.

Golf is an extremely sociable sport, so it is a great way to stay in touch with old friends and can be used as a platform to meet new ones. Interestingly, it is less competitive than football and basketball, so there are plenty of chances to interact with your fellow golfers. Golf creates such a perfect atmosphere amongst the players that it comes as no surprise that many business deals are closed on the green.

Golf also helps to burn calories, and if you choose to leave the golf-cart at the clubhouse and opt to carry your clubs yourself, you could potentially burn up to 1000 calories in a single game. There a few great clubs in the local area, including the Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club and The Richmond Golf Club.

When it comes to sports and activities in the local area, there is an abundance of choice. Although some may be better than others in terms of how many calories you can burn in a single session, the bottom line is that by participating in any type of sport, you will be doing so much good for your body and mind. The only thing to decide now is which one is right for you?