“Ageing isn’t just really old people looking frail, nor is it really old people doing whacky things”

Older People’s Day


This Thursday is Older People’s Day and for the sixth year in a row Richmond Council will be holding its “Full Of Life Week” which runs from 4th-9th October.

The week is all about celebrating the contribution older people make to the borough and looks to give something back to them by putting on a number of events and courses. Residents can improve their skills in a number of areas including internet workshops and iPad training. Health walks, coffee and cake and afternoon tea will also be provided at various times throughout the week. All activities are free and you can access the full timetable of events here.


What Is Older People’s Day?

Did you know that 23% of the UK population will be aged 65 and over by 2035? More of us are living longer, which is why it is now more important than ever for older people to fill their lives with enjoyable and stimulating activities that will keep them healthier and happier for longer!

Older People’s Day is all about encouraging that to happen. It recognises the positive contribution the older generation make to society and seeks to counteract any negative and outdated stereotypical views by tackling issues such as loneliness and boredom and encouraging new skills and opportunities like volunteering – after all, there is plenty we can learn from our elders!


Can I Get Involved?

If you want to show your support for older people in your community, there are a number of ways you can get involved. If your workplace or organisation would like to become part of Older People’s Day, you can sign up to the pledge by organising your own event or attending one already organised, like the “Full Of Life Week.”

Perhaps you have a parent or grandparent, an elderly aunt or uncle who you think would benefit and enjoy the activities on offer? Make them aware of Older People’s Day and encourage them to come along, get involved and meet new people!

If you are helping to run an event, or are planning on attending something to mark the day, you can help raise awareness by taking photographs and sending messages of support on social media. The hashtags for the day include #OlderPeoplesDay and #FullofLife.

If you are thinking about attending any of the activities taking place during “Full Of Life” week, please do check the timetable in advance as some require advance booking and have limited numbers of places available.

For healthy lifestyle tips for older people, please visit the dedicated pages available on NHS Choices. Information is available for both men over 60 and women over 60.