Heart disease is responsible for more than 25% of deaths caused in the UK each year. Statistics like this make campaigns like the British Heart Foundation’s ‘Wear It, Beat It’ Day all the more vital in ensuring the health of the nation. To raise money and awareness, schools, colleges, workplaces and more are donning red on the 9th of June to help raise awareness as well as raise funds towards important heart research.


Cardiovascular disease in the UK

Heart disease is a growing concern in the UK. According to the BHF, 435 people will lose their lives to heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases. Whilst the number of deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases has fallen since the 1960s, the rates are high – with more than 7 million in the UK suffering from some sort of condition. There are a number of lifestyle factors which increase the risk of developing a cardiovascular disease in the UK, including smoking, drinking, inactivity and a poor diet. Many of these diseases are preventable, so messages to get moving and make healthier lifestyle choices are becoming increasingly important.


About the ‘Wear It, Beat It’ day

Each year the British Heart Foundation runs a ‘Wear It, Beat It’ day, which features a simple but strong message – wear red and beat heart disease. You can organise for your school, work, university or community group to take part by signing up to fundraise here. You can also spread the word using #WearItBeatIt on social media and help raise awareness for the event. There are many real-life stories at the heart of the campaign featuring young and old cardiovascular disease sufferers to reflect the fact that cardiovascular disease affects people of all ages.

As well as raising money through wearing red, volunteers can also organise other types of events such as fun runs, raffles, challenges and more in order to raise money for the campaign.


Preventable heart disease

The vast majority of heart disease cases are preventable through making positive lifestyle changes. Some things you can do to reduce your risk of heart disease include:

  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet packed with nutrients and vitamins, with a low intake of saturated fats.
  • Exercise regularly, following the recommended activity guidelines for adults.
  • Giving up smoking and excessive drinking
  • Reducing your sugar intake and lowering your cholesterol

You can start making these changes at any time in order to reap the benefits – so make sure you take the steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

If you suspect heart disease or you’re worried about your cardiovascular health – it’s important that you book a visit to see your GP. If you suspect a heart attack, then it’s vital that you dial 999. Less serious issues can be dealt with by calling 111. The operators will then be able to direct you to the appropriate out of hours service.

Get information on the ‘Wear It, Beat It’ campaign by visiting the British Heart Foundation website.