Mental health is becoming an increasingly important healthcare concern and with Mental Health Awareness Week taking place throughout this week, it’s an important time to get involved and support the drive for better care and better investment for mental health patients. If you’re looking for inspiration, why not follow the lead of our younger royals, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, who have joined together to launch the #HeadsTogether campaign which aims to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health.


Heads Together

The Duchess of Cambridge has long been an advocate for improving mental healthcare provision in the UK, particularly amongst children and young people. The Duchess has now joined together with Prince William and Prince Harry to launch Heads Together, a new campaign which has been featured as the 2017 Virgin London Marathon Charity of the year. The campaign will work to tackle the stigma which still surrounds mental health in the UK to help people get the help they need for better mental health and wellbeing.

The campaign was launched with a special video featuring the royal trio, which finds them donning blue sweatbands to show their support. There are outtakes featuring the royals laughing as they try to film the video, showing their less serious side, but still succeeding in their quest to communicate the video’s serious message.


“Mental health is just as important as physical health”

William, Kate and Harry have worked with a number of charities in the past including the emergency services, homeless charities, children’s charities and veterans to highlight the issues which exist surrounding perceptions of mental health conditions. The prejudice which sufferers feel towards their conditions can stop them from seeking treatment, leading to serious issues if left unresolved. The Duchess has spoken out to remind us that “mental health is just as important as physical health”, whilst Prince Harry has said: “We can all play our part by talking and listening to each other and helping each other find support.”

Heads Together will see different charities come together to tackle mental health stigmas and raise awareness of the issues facing mental health patients. Each royal will focus on a separate area of mental health – the Duchess will focus on the challenges faced by young people and children with mental health issues, Prince William will focus on bullying and cyberbullying, as well as suicide amongst young men. Prince Harry will focus on veterans and their ‘invisible injuries’ caused by their experiences whilst fighting for their country.


Getting involved

If you’d like to get involved in the Heads Together campaign, you can register your interest via the website as well as make sure that you’re kept in the loop about the latest campaign news. There are also a number of places to run on behalf of Heads Together in next year’s London Marathon, so if you’ve been feeling inspired by the this year’s runners’ stories, why not give it a try? If running isn’t your thing, there are many other ways you can raise money and raise awareness and any effort is appreciated.

You can find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week and do your bit by showing your support from the 16-22nd of May on the Mental Health Foundation website. The NHS website has a number of resources to help you learn more about mental health. As Prince Williams says, “Let’s get our heads together and change the conversation on mental health.”