Pancake Day (28th of February) is one of those occasions which can threaten to undo the hard work you’ve put in to leading a healthier lifestyle. The good news is that delicious pancake toppings don’t all need to be high in calories. We’ve got some great suggestions for some healthier pancake ideas, which are not only quick, simple and easy but very much on trend too. So why not give them a go and enjoy a ‘lighter’ Shrove Tuesday?


Health pancake suggestions

Make it count towards your 5-a-day

It can be difficult to fit in your 5-a-day, but if you prefer a classic crepe recipe to enjoy on pancake day, swapping your usual lemon juice and sugar for some tasty fruit could make for a much healthier option. Berries such as blueberries, raspberries and strawberries make a delicious topping on your pancakes, whilst some sliced apples or tropical fruits such as mango or fresh pineapple can also make a nice alternative to your usual sugar-filled toppings. For a different texture or to add some sweetness, you could always add some chopped or ground almonds as well.

Go savoury

Rather than focus on having your pancake as a dessert, why not make it your main meal instead? Spinach and ricotta, ham and mushroom or even sweet potato and goats cheese make excellent pancake toppings and fillings. Smoked salmon also works well and can be a tasty way to enjoy a pancake without needing to overindulge on the sweet stuff.

Ditch the oil

Eggs, flour and milk (particularly skimmed) are used in reasonable quantities to make for healthy pancakes, however the oil that accompanies them in the pan can really add to the amount of fat in what started as a healthy base. Ditching the oil and swapping to an oil spray makes a marked difference and will make your pancakes less greasy too.

Try a different milk

More and more people are swapping their regular cow’s milk for alternative milk sources, such as soy and almond. You can pick up some great flavours which will add sweetness to your pancakes without altering their texture. As well as almond and soy, coconut milk and hazelnut milk varieties are perfect for adding to your pancake mix for a different flavour that will help satisfy your sweet cravings.

Experiment with your mixture

Protein pancakes and other types of mixes are very popular with gym-goers and those on healthy living plans. Not only are they a great source of protein, but they’re filling too. Blended banana with cottage cheese or fat-free yoghurt with egg whites and a protein powder of your choice makes for a really tasty combination. Try finishing them off with some honey or sugar-free syrups to add a slightly sweeter flavour. Pinterest and Instagram are overflowing with ideas for healthier pancake recipes, and you can make them as healthy or as colourful as you like by using natural ingredients.


Pancake Day is the precursor to Lent, so if there’s something you’d like to cut back on for a while (alcohol, chocolate or sugary drinks), now is a great time to do it – many habits can stick after just 30 days, so who knows which lifestyle changes you can make after 40! NHS Choices offer some excellent alternative recipe ideas for those looking to enjoy classic meals with a healthy twist. See their healthy pancake suggestions including pancakes with caramelised apples, tomato pancakes and classic lemon pancakes and start enjoying a healthier new tradition this pancake day.