On Wednesday, (19th August), National Injury Prevention Day takes place. Since 1990, the day has sought to raise awareness for those who have suffered injuries with the aim of seeking better justice. This year, Injury Prevention Day celebrates its 25th anniversary and to mark the occasion the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) is asking everyone to think about what they can do in their daily lives to help prevent injury.

Injuries can be serious or minor. Sometimes they only take a couple of days to get over, but sometimes, injuries and their effects can last a lifetime. APIL believes there are number of measures everyone can take and areas where improvements can be made to avoid accidents and prevent injury. These include:

  • Employers taking more steps to ensure their workplaces are as safe as possible for their employees.
  • Medical professionals taking more measures to prevent patient negligence
  • Everyone taking better care of and looking out for each other

This year, APIL is focusing upon road safety by asking drivers to pay close attention to their driving – in particular “tailgating” or driving too close to the car in front and subsequent issues of road rage.

Road traffic accidents fall into a category known as major trauma. The National Audit Office estimates that there are 20,000 major trauma admissions each year. As well as this, the number of attendances at walk in centres and minor injury units was recorded as 6.9 million in 2012/13. Since these figures were first recorded a couple of years, it is estimated that they are now quickly increasing.

Accidents will always happen, but there are ways in which you can help prevent them. We have a wealth of health information on our blog full of helpful tips and information about what you can do to look after yourself better.

The articles on our blog help ensure you are better prepared to deal with injuries and accidents if you come across them. They provide advice on ensuring you have the right equipment to hand and provide information on what you can do to better look after yourself.

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If you incur an injury out of hours and need to see a GP, providing you are registered at one of these Richmond surgeries, you can come along to our Primary Care Centre at Teddington Memorial Hospital between 6.30pm-8am every weekday evening, and weekends from 6.30pm on Friday until 8am on Monday.