Everyday stresses are all around us. Daily tests and trials come in many forms – work, money worries, chores, too many things to do and not enough time, heartache, peer pressure – the list is endless.


Finding the time to get away from it all and relax is really important for general health and wellbeing. Spending all your time worrying, getting worked up and running around after everyone else can have damaging long term health effects including, heart disease, depression and anxiety and headaches. It has also been linked with diabetes, obesity and Alzheimers disease.


Stress isn’t something that we can easily get away from, but it can be managed. When you feel your temperature and heart rate rising, take 5 minutes, keep calm and…


Go Outside


It’s amazing what a breath of fresh air can do to calm the soul, especially when it’s a nice day and the sun is shining. Simply lifting your face to the sun for a few seconds and taking a few deep breaths can bring you back to calmness and help you come up with a solution.


Get some exercise


Whether it’s running, yoga, horseriding or kickboxing – having an active lifestyle does so much to counteract our everyday stresses. Exercise releases endorphins around the body – neurotransmitters that naturally make us feel good, so although the prospect of getting some exercise might be one you simply can’t be bothered with, do it! The feeling afterwards will make you feel pleased you did.


Get A Hobby


Having other distractions that you enjoy is a great way to counteract stress. This may be a sedentary activity like reading or sewing or something more active involving sports and recreation. For those who want to, entering competitions, races and leagues is a great social activity and can help in gaining a sense of achievement. Alternatively, joining a club or local group provides the opportunity of meeting like-minded people and sharing different ideas and opinions.




What makes you laugh? Most of the time, it’s better to see the funny side! If possible, have objects, pictures, photos, and quotes around that make you smile or laugh. Smiling and laughing burns calories, releases endorphins and – you guessed it – is a great stress reliever too!