We are all probably guilty of over indulging in too many sweet treats at work from time to time. You might work with a colleague who fancies themselves as the next Mary Berry, or maybe you work in a large office and it feels like there’s always some reason to celebrate with a slice of cake. No matter how good you are trying to be, either way it can be hard to always resist those sweet treats that make their way into the office, and its doubly hard when everyone around you is happily eating away. But recent studies into cake and office culture are showing that too much cake could be detrimental to your health. So what can we do to avoid these increasing workplace temptations?


Why eating too much cake at work is bad for you

A senior dentist at the Royal College of Surgeons recently gave a speech at their annual dinner, where he highlighted the risk of office workers consuming too much sugar. He said that for most people, the work place is now the primary location for their sugar intake which is “contributing to the current obesity epidemic and poor oral health.”

As most people will know, eating food that is sugary and starchy in-between meals is a key cause of tooth decay, which almost 65,000 adults a year need treatment for. It can also result in weight gain and obesity which can lead to conditions such as heart disease. As well as all this, a recent article in Metro stated:

  • Eating too much sugar can lead you to developing an insulin resistance, which could cause diabetes
  • Food that is high in sugar can cause your blood sugar levels to crash, resulting in you feeling hungry again before too long, and overeating as a result

Clearly, this is something that needs addressing.


How to avoid workplace temptation

If you are watching what you eat or trying to lose weight and finding it hard to avoid workplace temptation, here’s some top tips which you might find helpful:

  • Bring in alternatives – Although sweet treats have become synonymous with celebrating workplace birthdays or as a way for employers to treat their staff, there are plenty of alternatives which are healthier but just as satisfying. If you are celebrating, why not bring a delicious fruit platter in to help your colleagues get their five a day, or a selection of nuts and cheese for a healthy snack?
  • Bring in treats in smaller quantities – If you do want to bring in cakes, biscuits or doughnuts in celebration of your birthday for example, a good way to compromise is to make sure you bring in a smaller quantity, which can help reduce overindulgence amongst your colleagues
  • Make sure you’re properly hydrated – Did you know that if you’re thirsty, sometimes you may mistake thirst for hunger and snack more? At work, make sure you’ve taken plenty of regular trips to the water cooler and when that office cake appears, it will be a lot easier to resist it when you have a cup in your hand!

If you’re interested in finding out more about cutting out sugar from your diet, the NHS’s Change4Life website has plenty of information.