Yesterday saw the annual #NationalKissingDay take place. According to Happy Worker, a vigorous kiss can quicken your pulse by 100 beats a minute and burn 8-16 calories. It is also estimated that the average person spends a total of two weeks of their life kissing! So, what about the health benefits of kissing? We’ve come up with a list of 10 fun health benefits associated with the act, so next time you lock lips, you can take twice the enjoyment!


  1. Happiness


Kissing makes people happy by boosting their self-esteem. According to CNN, those who leave for work in the morning after enjoying a goodbye kiss are likely to enjoy a more productive day at work than those who don’t. Kissing also releases a number of “happy” hormones including serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and epinephrine which add to your mood too.


  1. Toning


Did you know that you have 43 muscles in your face? Kissing helps tone those in your cheek, neck and jawline in particular, helping you to look younger and happier.


  1. Immunity


Kissing boosts your immune system through the exchange of multiple bacteria through saliva. It is also said to reduce allergic reactions, particularly among those who suffer with skin or nasal allergies.


  1. Stress Relief


Had a stressful day? Enjoying a kiss with your partner or spouse is proven to relieve tension and help you relax. The enjoyable experience of kissing helps to ease anxiety and is for many, very calming.


  1. Teeth


The oral exchange you take part in when sharing a kiss prevents cavities developing on your teeth. This is achieved through the increased amount of saliva that is produced when kissing, which actually cleans teeth by washing away harmful bacteria.


  1. Pain Relief


Do you suffer from frequent headaches or cramps? Kissing is said to provide pain relief through dilating blood vessels, which is brought about by kissing. Blood is therefore able to reach muscles and organs faster than usual.


  1. Blood Pressure


As well as contributing to reducing pain relief, the blood vessel dilation brought on by kissing also reduces blood pressure.


  1. Compatibility


The sensitive nature of kissing is said to help measure how compatible you are with another person. The sensitivity of your lips and tongue can be a good indicator early on of how likely you are to bond with another person over a longer period.