Bored of the same old fitness routine? You’re not alone. These days more and more people are combining a bit of adrenaline pumping with their fitness activities. And why not? It’s a great way to get your heartrate going, as well as letting you have fun while burning calories. Give the running a rest for a while and try some new activities to help you boost your health for better self-care.


Top adrenaline pumping hobbies


Climbing is great exercise as it targets all sorts of muscle groups – no two movements are the same so you could be using your arms to pull yourself up as well as your legs and core to give you the power to reach. Climbing can be done safely indoors and outdoors with the right equipment and instruction and you’ll find that more and more climbing centres are popping up. It’s not one for those with a fear of heights, but it is certainly great for those who love a bit of a challenge when working out. White Spider Urban Climbing is one of your nearest centres for giving climbing a try, offering both indoor and outdoor climbing activities as well as beginner and advanced classes.



Half surfing, half canoe/kayaking, paddle-boarding is another craze that’s been sweeping the UK lately. A great strength builder, you can get a great upper body workout from the motion of paddling through the water while standing up. It’s also a great exercise for improving your balance and is something you can do by yourself (with guided instruction) or as a group for a fun activity that makes a change from the rowing machine or swimming pool. SUPKiko in Richmond is a convenient location for you to try paddle-boarding, with classes at different times to suit your schedule.


Bungee workouts

Bungee workouts are ideal for those who’ve always loved the idea of doing a bungee jump but have never quite plucked up the courage to take the plunge. Attached to a bungee cord in a studio, you’ll perform an aerobic routine with the added resistance of the bungee to make the moves more challenging while also flying through the air. It’s fun, tough and artistic at times and is a great way to try a bungee experience without throwing yourself off a building! Nearby Wimbledon has an excellent studio, Flying Fantastic, which offers a range of aerial classes to try out.


Extreme spin class

Now a spin class you might be familiar with, but extreme spin classes are becoming more popular as people seek a tougher workout that really gets the heart going. The new spin classes are fast-paced and offer motivation like nothing else. This makes them ideal for those who like the idea of a traditional gym class, but want to take it to the next step. Make sure you take a water bottle with you as you will definitely be getting sweaty! Digme Fitness has a studio in Richmond which guarantees ‘the best spin class you’ll ever do’ and will be sure to have you sweating out the calories in no time!

No matter how you choose to get active, any activity that gets your heart going for a period of time will help you to get fitter and stronger, protecting you from a range of health conditions in the future. Adrenaline-filled workouts aren’t for everyone and may not be possible according to your circumstances, but the NHS Choices website has some great suggestions for keeping fit your way.

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