One of the many reasons why people fail to eat healthily or stick to an eating plan is a lack of preparation. Meal prepping has become much more common as people begin to realise the importance of some forward planning to reach their goals. By taking some time to prepare meals for the week, you can save yourself time on preparing food each day as well as eat healthier. There are some great tips you can learn to make it easier and start forming some great new prepping routines.


Create a plan for your meal prep

It’s all well and good preparing your meals for the week in advance, but it’s important to know exactly what you’re prepping and what you plan to eat. Creating a good meal plan will make you more likely to eat healthier meals and will help you to save money on your food shop too. Write down a plan for the week ahead detailing what you will have for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day as well as what to have as snacks. Choose meals that you know you can make in bulk easily or those where ingredients can be prepped to cut down cooking time each week.


Invest in Tupperware

Tupperware is a necessity for meal prepping, as you’ll need somewhere to store your portions each day and to make it easier to carry food to work/school. You can use food storage containers from takeaways or buy them affordably at discount stores. As long as they can be sealed properly, it doesn’t really matter what food storage you buy. You might also want to consider getting different sized containers for snacks and smaller meals or make the most of zip-locked bags.


Start on the things that take the longest to cook

If you plan on using a slow cooker or an oven to roast some meat, prepare and put these to cook first as these will take the longest. While these foods are cooking, you can continue to prepare the vegetables and other foods to accompany them. Experiment with different slow cooker recipes and add a few soups into the mix that will be easy to prepare and will give you a good variety too.


Divide snacks into portions

As well as preparing your meals, you can make sure that your snacks for the week are all prepared too. Divide up portions of nuts, dried fruit and your other snacks into easy to manage portions. When you’re packing your lunch for the day you can just grab a portion and know that it’s been measured out already.


Make the most of your freezer

A lot of the meals you prepare, especially those for the evening, can be frozen to stop them going to waste after a few days. Make sure your storage containers are freezer-proof and label them properly. After you get home from work you can simply heat up your food and enjoy the great taste of your homemade dishes without having to slave away each night.

Food prepping may seem like a chore, but sacrificing a couple of hours on a Sunday will be far better than spending hours on weeknights preparing your dinner and lunch for the next day. As you get into the habit, you’ll start finding great ways to cut corners such as using frozen fruit and vegetables to save you time and help you make the most of your prep time. Don’t forget to check out NHS Choices’ great list of healthy recipe ideas to make at home. Give meal prepping a try and see if it could help you live a healthier lifestyle.