Are you worried about what to do if you run out of medication?

Hopefully this article will help put your mind at ease. There are several options available to you if you run out of medication and your usual method of obtaining it is unavailable. Let’s have a quick run through them:


Prescription Medication


If you urgently need medication that has been prescribed to you by a doctor, then the following options are available to you out of surgery and pharmacy hours:


1. NHS Pharmacy Search


If your usual pharmacy is closed, use the NHS Pharmacy Search service to find others in your area that might be able to provide you with the correct medication. Believe it or not, some pharmacies are open until midnight, and others are even open on bank holidays.


2. Out-Of-Hours GP Surgeries


If you can’t reach your GP surgery out of hours, there are several drop in centres and hospital departments that will see you outside of normal surgery hours. For a full list of out-of-hours services that we provide in the Richmond area, click here.


3. NHS 111


If you call NHS 111, one of the helpful advisors will be able to assist you in finding a pharmacy or out-of-hours pharmacy in your area that will be able to help you.


4. NHS Walk-In Centres


Some NHS walk-in centres will dispense medicine in emergency cases, after a brief consultation.


5. Accident & Emergency


If you have tried all of the above options to no avail, and it is a real emergency, then you can always go to your nearest A&E, where a doctor will be able to offer a consultation and any emergency medication you require. Find your nearest A & E here.


Without a Prescription


If you don’t have a prescription, then there are still ways to get an emergency supply of the medication you need out of surgery hours. In many cases, a pharmacist will issue an emergency supply of some medications after an interview to assess the urgency of your situation.

They’ll need to be sure that:


a) There is an immediate need for the medicine
b) That the situation is too urgent to wait for a prescription.
c) That the medicine has been prescribed by a doctor previously
d) What is the appropriate dose for the patient.


For non-prescription medications like painkillers, aspirin and sickness tablets, most garages, shops and supermarkets stock an ample supply.

If you require out-of-hours medication or any kind of primary care service out with normal surgery hours in Richmond, why not take a look at what services we offer? Get in touch or click here to find out more.