Self Care Week returns to Richmond between the 16th and 22nd of November for another week of health and wellbeing events. The week takes place each year to encourage people to look after their own health and raise awareness of the information and resources available to help them do so. The event is run by the Self Care Forum whose aim is to help people take care of themselves all year round.


Defining ‘self care’

In short, self care relates to being fit and healthy. This includes having a basic knowledge of which medicines to take and when, how to treat minor conditions, as well as identifying when help is needed. Self care places emphasis on maintaining a healthy weight, keeping fit through exercise, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol intake and of course, healthy eating. In the grand scheme of things, these are small lifestyle changes which anyone can make for a healthier, longer life.

For those who suffer with chronic or long-term conditions, knowing how to manage them can make you feel more confident in your understanding, and make it easier to live with your condition. Being able to care for yourself and adopting a healthier lifestyle will not only benefit you, but your children and family too. Setting a good example by taking active steps to improve your health costs nothing, but the benefits are extremely valuable.


What is Self Care Week?

Self Care week is an annual event which aims to provide support to families and communities to make them better aware of caring for their health, both in the short-term and long-term. It is important that people learn to take care of themselves, not only to live longer but also to help ease the pressure on our health services.

With the aim of making self care a lifelong habit, Self Care Week will provide information and awareness to benefit all generations.


Self care for life

For too many of us, the first instinct when feeling unwell is to call a doctor. However, there is now a wealth of self-care information available that can provide you with the knowledge you need to care for minor ailments, saving both time and money for the NHS. Knowing how to prevent ill health is another important aspect of self-care, and so familiarising yourself with information about healthy living is essential.

‘Self care for life’ is the theme of this year’s Self Care Week, and it is hoped that through different events and awareness campaigns, you will have learned some vital information about caring for your health which can benefit you and your family for life.


How can I take part?

There are events taking place all over the Richmond area, so be sure to check with your local healthcare provider, including Richmond CCG to see how you can get involved. Your doctor’s surgery and local health charities will have information about local events, as well as information on how you can volunteer during the week.

There is more information about Self Care Week on the NHS website which includes details of resources which could help you practice better self care.