“16.9% of UK deaths are attributed to inactivity. The cost of inactivity is equivalent to 8.3% of UK health expenditure. The same study showed that 37% of the UK adult population failed to meet the recommend guidelines for physical activity participation.”

The Centre For Economics & Business Research


This September, employers across England are pledging their support for #ShakeUpSeptember – a month long initiative designed to get more employees more active by getting them to try one new sport or activity.

Using the technology from the recent Workplace Challenge campaign, participants will be able to log their exercise hours and monitor their performance, helping them to reach their goals and build up their fitness. The Workplace Challenge technology includes a “leaderboard” designed to give participants a real-time indication of who’s doing what to inspire healthy competition. The winning team and individual will be those who clock up the most time exercising.


Why Take Part in #ShakeUpSeptember?

Many of you will be fully aware of the vast benefits of exercise and physical activity. Not only does it keep your weight in check, but it can also help keep at bay a number of harmful illnesses such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, many types of cancer, and musculoskeletal conditions. Regular exercise can also be a great stress reliever, benefitting your mental health too.


What Are The Benefits To Employers?

Did you know sickness absence is currently estimated to cost the UK economy £14 billion per year? What is more, each sick employee costs each business on average £975. It therefore comes as no surprise that employers are keen to try new incentives to reduce these figures.  NHS hospital – Walton Centre, Liverpool did just that when they launched a case study which involved the introduction of staff exercise classes. The study found a correlation between staff inactivity and sickness absence. The introduction of the staff exercise classes resulted in a sickness rate drop of 7% to 4%. The evidence therefore suggests that those who participate in physical exercise are less prone to prolonged periods of sickness absence.

Are you an employer in Richmond interested in supporting the #ShakeUpSeptember challenge? To view the full list of Workplace Challenge activities visit the website and follow the instructions on how to sign-up. A workplace challenge app is also available to help you monitor your activity as you exercise.


“The Shake Up September challenge gives an extra incentive for us all to try something new. With close to 150 sports and activities there is a lot on offer.  There is also help to support people who lack confidence in taking part or are doing so for the first time.

“I would urge businesses who have yet to implement a physical activity policy – and even those who have, to use Workplace Challenge’s Shake Up September challenge as a catalyst to get their workforce more active, more healthy and more productive.”

Mike Diaper, Director of Community Sport, Sport England