Quitting smoking may be one of the biggest and most important health decisions you can ever make, and despite the difficulties, it can prove the most beneficial. There are a number of stop smoking services in Richmond that can help you on your way.

The health risks of smoking are well known. It is one of the biggest causes of death in the UK, adding to your risks of lung cancer, heart disease, and stroke, to name just a few. As soon as you make the decision to quit, you are taking a positive step to better health and a longer life.

The Benefits of Quitting

If you are thinking of quitting but haven’t quite made up your mind yet, here are 10 good reasons to stop smoking today:

  1. You will breathe more easily
  2. You will have more energy
  3. You will feel less stressed in the long run
  4. You will have better sex
  5. Your fertility could be improved
  6. Your sense of smell and taste will improve
  7. You will have younger looking skin
  8. You will have whiter teeth and fresher breath
  9. You will live longer
  10. You will not be risking the health of your loved ones from passive smoking

If any of this has helped to convince you to quit, the next move is simple. Contact a local stop smoking service in your area to see what help they can provide.

Smoking Services in Richmond – Helping You To Stop Smoking

There are a number of stop smoking services in Richmond who provide help and guidance to those seeking to quit. With the added support of one of these services, you are up to 4 times more likely to succeed:

Stop Smoking Richmond – This is a free service which provides guidance, support, and free stop smoking medication to anyone living or working in the Richmond area. They can help you manage withdrawal symptoms, point you in the direction of further professional help, give you guidance on the use of stop smoking medications, and give you accurate information on what to expect while quitting.

Stop Smoking Richmond can be contacted via their 24 hour Freephone service on 0800 011 4558, or you can email them at [email protected]

Kick It Stop Smoking Service – This service is also free and confidential, and is available to anyone living or working in the Richmond or Kingston areas. Much like Stop Smoking Richmond, the service offers practical advice on quitting, including information and access to medications and Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Smokefree is an NHS service, and you can find more information on their website nhs.uk.smokefree

You can also find more information on stop smoking services at your local pharmacy. Staff at your local pharmacy will be trained in counselling you in how to stop smoking and which medication or other services would work best for you. You can use the online NHS Find a Pharmacy Service link to find a pharmacy near you that provides a stop smoking service.

All of the above named services are free and confidential. You don’t need to have made the decision to quit before contacting them: these services are there to guide you and inform you. If you have any questions about quitting, you can also speak to your GP who can then forward you on to a service that they think will work best for you.