Stoptober is nearly upon us and is once again another great opportunity to give up smoking. They say that it takes just 30 days to form a habit and this October you’ll have 31 days to see if you can give up smoking for good. Giving up smoking can be difficult, but if you can find the right smoking distractions you could make it easier for yourself and avoid that temptation of lighting up once again.

5 of the best smoking distractions

1. Exercise

Exercise is one of the best smoking distractions. Not only will it give your mind and body something else to focus on, but it will also help you to repair your body after years of causing damage through smoking. Focusing on getting healthier will make you more determined to quit, so by taking up running or starting a new fitness regime you might find that you’re less tempted to smoke as you develop healthier habits overall.

2. Learn a language

A significant part of giving up smoking involves finding something to keep your mind occupied and keep your thoughts away from cigarettes. Learning a language is a great way to engage your brain and you’ll be amazed at how quickly those cravings disappear when you’re focused on something else. There are some great apps available for learning a language that you can open up whenever a craving hits, turning that urge to smoke into something more positive. It’s a fantastic way to learn a new skill and it won’t harm your health.

3. Play games

If you find that your hands become fidgety and you miss the feeling of holding a cigarette, you might struggle to quit. Downloading a couple of games for your phone means that you’ll have something to do with your hands to keep them occupied, while playing a game is in itself a good distraction. Try not to replace your addiction to smoking with an addiction to gaming. Set yourself the time you would normally take for a cigarette break and put the phone down after that.

4. Read

There are a lot of benefits to reading a good book. Reading makes a good distraction over watching TV as it requires more focus and attention from your brain and also gives you something physical to hold in your hands. When you’re engaged in a good book, you can start to forget about everything else that’s happening around you and really immerse yourself in it. Reading will help you sleep better and can help you to keep your brain active and engaged, which are important qualities as you get older. If reading a book isn’t for you, you can enjoy the same benefits reading information online and getting lost in a subject that you’re interested in.

5. Get crafty

You may have heard of people taking up knitting as a way to help them quit smoking, and there’s a lot of logic in that method. Making crafts or doing something that requires some skills and concentration, like baking, will keep your hands busy and your mind occupied. This will shift your thoughts away from smoking cravings. This is a good method to help you quit if you live alone with nobody else to distract you, and who knows where your fun new hobby might lead?

Resources to quit smoking

Giving up smoking is difficult, and most people will have to make repeated attempts to give up in order to achieve it. Even with a range of smoking distractions, you might need other forms of help in order for you . to give up smoking completely. Stoptober is an excellent time to quit as there will be many people going through the same feelings as you meaning there will be a lot of support available to you. There are some great resources for Stoptober to help you get started and Richmond has its own ‘Stop Smoking’ service to help you quit for good.

Sign up for Stoptober today and see the difference giving up smoking can have on your health and wellbeing. In a month’s time you could find yourself on the path to being smoke free for a much happier and healthier future.