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Why connecting with nature can make you happier

Are you spending too much time inside? Research suggests that anxiety, stress and depression may be partly traceable to a lack of contact with the natural world. Getting outside, or even just appreciating nature where you find it -in the city or in your home- can have huge positive effects on your health, happiness and

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#Heatwave: How To Stay Safe In The Sun

Richmond CCG is this week urging the public to stay safe in the sun and during the heatwave which is set to start today and continue for the rest of the week. They have issued a number of safety precautions and advice to encourage everyone to take extra care over the period of hot weather.

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How To Enjoy The Sun Safely

With the arrival of British summertime last weekend, warmer weather and lengthier days, many of us will be starting to spend more time outdoors. But with the incidence of the most serious skin cancer in Great Britain now five times higher than it was in the 1970s, it’s now more important than ever to enjoy

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