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Support for Young Carers – Services Available in Richmond

Being a young carer – someone under the age of 18 who is caring for a family member – is a challenging occupation. Although many find the responsibility rewarding, caring for a loved one with a physical disability, illness, mental illness, or drug or alcohol issue is undoubtedly difficult and demanding. The 2011 census reported

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Tinnitus Awareness Week – Should I Go To My GP?

Tinnitus can be an irritating and sometimes maddening thing to deal with. It is defined as hearing sounds that come from within the body, such as ringing, rather than an outside source. A definitive cause of tinnitus is unknown, but 2 out of 3 cases are linked with underlying hearing problems or degeneration. Tinnitus Awareness

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World Mental Health Day

Mental health is an ongoing global health issue, and one that receives regular attention from the media in the UK. Most recently, a Higher Education Policy Report has recommended that some universities need to triple their spend on mental health services, whilst mental health concerns around children are consistently in the headlines. World Mental Health

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